Policy Regarding Physicals for Study Abroad

Goucher College requires that all students attending Goucher-sponsored study abroad programs undergo a physical examination conducted by their primary health care provider and submit a Goucher College health form completed by the provider to the Office of Global Education.

This ensures that Office of Global Education is aware of any potential health problems that a student may experience while studying in another country and enables trip sponsors to assist students in the event of a medical emergency abroad.

Given the large numbers of students who travel abroad, the Goucher Student Health Center is not able to accommodate all requests for physicals. We strongly encourage students to have their primary care medical providers complete this paperwork.  We recognize this isn't always possible, therefore, the following rules have been established to ensure that the Center can accommodate as many students as possible in a timely fashion:

  • Priority will be given to students who are covered by Goucher health insurance and who use the Student Health Center as their primary care provider. Students in this category should schedule a physical at the Health Center as soon as possible after receiving a health care form from Goucher or from the institution that is sponsoring their international study program. Students will be advised of the available dates and deadlines for scheduling physicals and submitting completed forms in their letter of acceptance into the Goucher program. They should also carefully review the deadlines imposed by non-Goucher programs.
  • Students who do not carry Goucher health insurance but who use the Student Health Center as their primary care provider will be accommodated at the Student Health Center, provided they request a physical in a timely fashion and space is available. These students should also schedule a physical as soon as possible after receiving a form in order to secure a spot in the Health Center schedule.
  • Students who do not use the Student Health Center as their primary provider must have the physical form completed by their current primary health care provider or by another provider who is familiar with their current health condition. Goucher College believes that the primary provider is best able to complete the physical form and provide accurate information about the student’s health condition.

The Health Center has reserved a significant number of appointments so that the maximum number of students may be accommodated. Nevertheless, these appointments will be available on a first-come, first-served basis and, if a student does not schedule a physical in a timely fashion, the student may be referred to an outside provider. Under no circumstances will the Health Center be able to accommodate late or last minute requests.

Questions about this policy should be addressed to Office of Global Education.