Call for Proposals

We are seeking session proposals from alumni, current students, and past and present faculty from the M.A.H.P. program.

Deadline: March 29, 2021

Goucher M.A.H.P.-trained preservationists are feet-on-the-ground practitioners, working in various ways across the country, as are our faculty members. Recent discourse in our field has revealed both discontent and opportunities to use many more ideas to do more and to do it differently. We are assuming that we have all shared these thoughts and wondered, what if? We ask you as practitioners, faculty members, and students to draw on those what if thoughts and develop a presentation that addresses our virtual conference theme: Preserving Place in a Rapidly Changing World

Presentations could address issues such as:

  • Inclusivity in determining place
  • Defining a community’s place
  • Managing the evolution of place
  • Preserving tangible and intangible aspects of place
  • The value (or not) of preserving place when there is no longer a place to preserve

 This virtual Forum will have us looking forward and exploring, theorizing, and speculating about how we will be practicing historic preservation. We’re seeking the critical questions to ask and pursue – not necessarily the answers. We’re hoping to muse about their opportunities and restrictions, challenges, successes, and defeats.

Format that plays to the strengths of practicing professionals

Rather than preparing an academic paper, we invite you to develop a presentation with a personal point of view that challenges conventional thinking in our field or helps us find new ways to know and preserve place. You might address the practices of inclusivity and sharing authority or ponder about when to let an endangered place go. Most of the things you think about will be part of preserving place in the future. We’re thinking about a variety of non-academic paper formats, some serious, some interactional, and some on the lighter side.

Assistance for potential speakers

  • Planning to Present (13-minute video)
  • Have the spark of an idea, but not sure it’s worth developing? We are hosting Zoom calls to talk informally about it.
  • Interested in working with one or more of your student cohort to flesh something out? We can help you find each other.
  • Need a sounding board or a mentor as you prepare your contribution? We can provide that as well.

To propose a session, submit the form below:

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