Call for Proposals

Deadline: To Be Determined

Goucher’s MAHP program has undergone many changes in its 25 years, yet it continues to endure. Echoing that theme, the 25th Anniversary Preservation Forum will explore how to preserve place when place changes. We are seeking session proposals from alumni, current students, and past and present faculty from the MAHP program, as well as from our preservation colleagues in the field.

Place is rapidly disappearing across the American landscape. Climate change is not the only cause for loss of place. Suburbanization and sprawl erode the rural landscape. Turnover continues in historic neighborhoods as older residents leave and newer ones arrive. Local businesses are replaced with chain and “Big Box” stores. As social interactions shift from face-to-face to online and virtual communities, marginalized communities lose places to gather. Presentations should address issues such as:

  • Inclusivity in determining place
  • Defining a community’s place
  • Managing the evolution of place
  • Preserving tangible and intangible aspects of place
  • The value (or not) of preserving place when there is no longer a place to preserve

Presentations should examine place in the context of traditional and emerging theories, policies, and practices in historic preservation and adjacent disciplines.

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