Our goal is to be as accessible as possible while covering all our costs, including speaker honoraria and sign-language interpretation. Therefore, we have set up a sliding scale structure for registration and hope that each attendee will find the right category for their current circumstances.  All registered participants will receive a link to attend the sessions as well as a follow-up link to audio recordings of each sessions. 

Register now

Registration deadline is July 20, 2020.

Registration Options:

Community - $15
This deeply subsidized registration option is for students, young leaders, those whose income has been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, or those who are under-waged or otherwise in need of a more affordable ticket.

Supporter - $40
This subsidized registration option is for individuals and organizations in need of a subsidized ticket, but with enough stability to be able to support the community. Suggested for organizations with an operating budget of over $2 million and individuals who are able to pay this rate.

Sustainer - $70
Registering at this level, you support the sustainability of the MACS program by paying the actual per-person cost. Please register at this level if you or your organization’s budget allows.  Suggested for organizations with an operating budget of over $5 million.

Donor - anything above your chosen registration fee
If you feel moved to support this event with an additional donation, or to support the MACS program in general, including the awards we give to students and alumni, we welcome your contributions with gratitude.