Services at CAST

The CAST Staff is here to support your teaching. Whether you have a quick question or are looking to redesign an entire course, we'll work with you to find solutions that fit your context. There's never a wrong time to reach out!


Teaching Consultations

Meet with a member of the CAST Staff to address a teaching question or challenge. We offer both on-campus and virtual consultations using Microsoft Teams. Some common topics of conversation include:

  • Syllabus Review
  • Canvas Site Review
  • Assessment/Rubric Design
  • Active Learning and Engagement Strategies
  • Incorporating Technology in the Classroom
  • Inclusion and Accessibility Strategies
  • Developing a Media Project
  • Discussion Strategies and Ideas

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Classroom Observations

Invite a member of the CAST Staff to sit in on one of your lessons. This can be a particularly effective way to help develop your classroom facilitation skills. We offer classroom observations for both on-campus and online courses. Classroom observations provide nonjudgmental feedback about specific areas you'd like input on.

The process involves 3 steps:

  1. A pre-observation meeting to discuss your goals
  2. The observation itself in which the CAST staff member will take notes on the lesson
  3. A post-observation meeting to discuss feedback, ask questions, and identify new strategies to try

Some common areas we can focus on include:

  • Trying out new teaching strategies 
  • Inclusive facilitation 
  • Instructional time management 
  • Transitioning between learning activities 
  • Diversifying and enhancing teaching strategies 
  • Clarity and transparency of lesson delivery 
  • Physical presence and movement in the classroom 
  • Classroom climate

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