When to See your Success Advisor vs. Faculty Advisor

Success Advisor 

Before Declaring a Major: 

  • Pre-Registration Advising Appointment 
  • Adding, Dropping, Withdrawing and changing classes to P/NP 
  • Questions about choosing a major, declaring a major, or major exploration
  • Questions about Goucher courses (GCRs) and potential major requirements 
  • Requesting late petitions and other enrollment changes 
  • Requesting an Incomplete grade in a course during the semester 
  • Help with Academic Forgiveness 
  • Help declaring majors, minors and concentrations
  • Help with academic standing appeals

Support Before and After Major Declaration: 

  • Success Coaching (time management, organization help, reading, note-taking, and study strategies, etc.) 
  • Academic Support Referrals (tutoring, SI, Writing Center) 
  • General campus referrals

Faculty Advisor

Once you declare a major on your second year:

  • Pre-Registration advising appointment
  • Dropping, Withdrawing or changing a class to P/NP
  • General information about your major, degree requirements and course sequencing
  • Specific Study Abroad Questions/Programs
  • Discussion regarding major specific internships
  • Support late petitions and other enrollment changes
  • Incomplete grades in a course during the semester
  • Document appropriate summary of student appointments in Navigate
  • Help with academic standing appeals