Academic Advising

As the semester progresses, look for new updates and helpful resources from your Pre-Major Academic Advisors. This includes information on majors and minors at Goucher, learning how to use advising resources to assist with degree planning, spring semester pre-registration workshops, and accessing campus student-support resources. Please contact us through email (see below) and schedule appointments through Navigate. We will offer appointments through Zoom or by phone. You will receive an email confirmation that includes a Zoom link where we will meet. When scheduling your meeting, please indicate the topic you would like to discuss and how you would like to meet (via Phone or Zoom), so we can be prepared to assist you. In some cases, we may be able to assist you completely via email.

Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST

Appointments:  Schedule through Navigate


At Goucher, academic advisors work closely with students to accomplish the following three goals:

  1. Academic planning, course registration, and monitoring academic progress
  2. Connecting students with Goucher resources
  3. Guiding students in a process of self-discovery—identifying passions and interests—and linking to Goucher opportunities

Advising is a two-way responsibility, a collaboration between the student and the academic advisor. It is imperative to have conversations and to keep each other informed.

Pre-Major Academic Advising

All first-year students will have a pre-major academic advisor to assist you with academic planning. Your advisor will assist you in navigating the resources, expectations, and challenges of being a new Goucher student. Once you have determined a course of major study, your pre-major advisor will assist you in the major declaration process. When you declare your major, you'll be assigned a faculty advisor in that academic discipline who will continue to support you until you have completed all graduation requirements.

What are your responsibilities as an advisee?

  • Know how to contact your advisor and prepare for and attend advising meetings
  • Select courses based on knowledge of interests, strengths, and requirements and be able to justify choices
  • Know what services are available for support at the college and utilize the resources that are recommended to you by your advisor
  • Become an active and engaged learner and know what it takes to be a successful student
  • Know how to be a member of the Goucher community

What are the responsibilities of the advisor (throughout your college years)?

  • Assist in formulating an academic plan
  • Explain Goucher Commons, major, and other curricular requirements
  • Meet and discuss the student’s academic interests on a regular basis
  • Recommend opportunities for personal and academic growth
  • Aid student in making connections and making informed decisions at Goucher
  • Interpret institutional procedures
  • Refer students to specific campus or community resources that help with unique needs
  • Encourage students to meet with professors, or refer to appropriate academic resources on campus
  • Help identify activities and programs on campus that reflect student’s interest