Microsoft Office for Students

Microsoft Office 365 services and software offerings are available to all students who are currently enrolled:

  • Download of the full versions of the latest versions of Microsoft Office Professional Plus for Windows & Mac OS on up to 5 devices
  • Access to the fully featured version of mobile Office products on iPad, iPhone and a range of other mobile devices
  • Access to Microsoft OneDrive for Business - including 1 Terabyte (TB) of cloud storage per student - accessible directly from the mobile versions of Office, the full version, or via the internet using any web browser
  • Access to Microsoft Office Online, a browser based version of Office you can use from anywhere you have internet access and a web browser.  This is accessed directly from your OneDrive tab in the Office 365 (O365) portal and can be launched by simply opening an existing document or creating a new document.

Click here for a brief video tutorial outlining the instructions listed below

How do I login to access Microsoft Office 365 Services?

  1. Log in to the O365 portal at:
  2. The username will be your Goucher login username in the format [yourusername]
  3. The password will be the same as your Goucher password

How do I download Microsoft Office to my computer?

  1. Log in to the O365 portal at:
  2. Click the "Install Office" button in the top right section and choose "Office 365 apps" in the drop down menu that follows.
  3. The installer will download. Follw the instructions in the box that comes up on the screen to finish installation.

How do I download Microsoft Office to my phone or tablet?

Visit your phone or tablet app store to look for Microsoft Office apps available for your device


  1. Login to the O365 portal at:
  2. Click on "Phone & tablet"
  3. Choose your phone or tablet to view instructions on where to find the Office applications
  4. The fully featured versions of certain Office mobile applications can be activated by logging in to the app with your Goucher O365 login information

How do I access my O365 OneDrive Cloud Storage & Office Online?

  1. Login to the O365 portal at:
  2. Click on the "OneDrive" link located on the right side of the top banner
  3. From the OneDrive home window, you may: (1) Create new files - This launches Office Online applications within your browser (2) Move your personal files to your OneDrive folder by simply dragging them into the  "Documents" pane and dropping them, or by uploading them via the "Upload" option (3) Edit existing compatible office files within the browser using Office Online