Goucher College Poll

The Goucher College Poll measures the opinions of Maryland residents and voters on important policy, social, and economic issues.  The poll results and a methodology statement are released to members of the media and other interested groups as a public service to the state. Goucher students help research survey questions, design the questionnaire, and analyze the results.

The Sarah T. Hughes Center for Politics is a member of the Association of Academic Survey Research Organizations and the American Association for Public Opinion Research Transparency Initiative.

The Goucher College Poll is fully funded by the Sarah T. Hughes Center for Politics endowment and does not take additional funding from outside sources.

Goucher College Poll Results

October 2021, Part 1 (PDF)
Maryland residents were polled about their views on various statewide issues, including the direction of the state, the current economic situation, and Gov. Larry Hogan, as well as their views on President Joe Biden and Sens. Ben Cardin and Chris Van Hollen. Residents were also asked their views on the legalization of recreational marijuana and abortion, government spending, visiting a state park, and whether Maryland was a Northern or Southern state.

October 2021, Part 2 (PDF)
Maryland residents were polled about the COVID-19 pandemic, including their views on Gov. Larry Hogan’s handling of the coronavirus, whether they have received the vaccine, their concern for themselves or a close family member getting the coronavirus, and when they expect to return to return to their normal, pre-COVID lives.

October 2021, Part 3 (PDF)
Maryland registered voters were polled about what kind of candidate they prefer looking ahead to the 2022 gubernatorial race; voters were also asked what policy issue they expect to be the most important to them in determining their vote.


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