Tamsin Kimoto

Assistant ProfessorPhilosophy

Tamsin Kimoto is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Goucher College. Kimoto works in the areas of women of color feminisms, queer and trans studies, health humanities, philosophy of race, and social and political philosophy. They earned their doctorate from Emory University with a dissertation on critical phenomenology and trans politics. Their current research projects examine the racial underpinnings of medical narratives of trans identity and the links between environmental racism, racialized health disparities, and necropolitics in the United States. At Goucher, they teach courses on topics ranging from feminist and queer theory to prison abolition.

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Research, Scholarship, Creative Work in Progress

Tamsin is currently working on publishing articles in trans philosophy, critical phenomenology, and health humanities. They’re also working on their first book in which they take facial feminization surgery as a starting point for critically examining the racialized assumptions of trans medicine.

Other Professional or Scholarly Activity

Tamsin is one of the organizers for the 2020 Thinking Trans//Trans Thinking conference being hosted by UT-Austin. They’ve also been interviewed by the APA Blog and written for the Women in Philosophy series about trans philosophers and bathrooms at conferences.