Learning Goals & Outcomes

Bachelor of Arts in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

  1. Students must identify and explain key disciplinary concepts with a focus on theories and methods.

  2. Students must acquire writing skills, including the ability to develop an internally coherent and structured argument as part of their research papers.

  3. Students must possess oral communication skills that allow them to engage in discussion and verbal exchange of ideas and concepts.

  4. Student must be able to use electronic resources pertaining to research in all Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies courses, including: electronic library databases, online learning course components using Canvas, digital media archives, online geographical maps and resources, and online film, visual, and audio resources.

  5. Students must acquire thinking skills that allow them to retain, manage and synthesize complex information and ideas.

  6. Students must demonstrate a sense of the responsibilities of citizenship and a sense of personal political efficacy/engagement.

Updated: February 2018

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