Heating & Cooling Tips

Goucher College is highly committed to a sustainable and responsible use of energy and resources. We help to achieve these goals through working with our campus partners to ensure that our mutual goals are met.

One of the ways we help to achieve the goal of being sustainable and responsible in our energy use is through controlling the temperatures of our spaces with a centralized building automation system. This allows us to maintain our spaces between 70 – 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

Common Questions:

Q. I hear a lot of banging and rattling of pipes?

A. This is very common in our older buildings when we initially turn the heating loop on. The sound you hear is what happens as the pipes warm up and come to temperature

Q. How do I use the thermostat in my room?

A. Please find instructions for your space below.

                Pagliaro Selz
                Fireside Hall
                Trustees Hall
                Sondheim House
                Welsh House
                Heubeck Hall (Bennett, Gamble, Jeffery, and Robinson)
                Froelicher Hall (Tuttle, Alcock, and Gallagher)
                Mary Fisher Hall (Bacon, Dulaney, and Hooper)
                Stimson Hall (Probst, Wagner, and Winslow)

Q. What can I do if I think I have a problem with my space’s temperature?

A. Please submit a work request through the FixIt form on the right, or you can call or text 410.337.6166.