1884 John and Mary Fisher Goucher provide the land and funds for the first building for a woman’s college.
1885 The state of Maryland grants a charter for the Woman’s College of Baltimore City (dropping “City” in 1890).
1886 William H. Hopkins becomes the first president.
1888 The first classes begin in Goucher Hall.
1890 John Franklin Goucher becomes the second president.
1892 The first college class graduates with five students.
1893 The Alumnae Association is founded.
1905 The college’s Beta Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa installs its first members.
1908 Eugene A. Noble is installed as third president.
1910 The college is renamed in honor of John and Mary Fisher Goucher and celebrates its 25th Anniversary.
1911 John B. Van Meter is the acting president.
1913 William W. Guth is inaugurated as the fourth president.
1915 The first intercollegiate game, basketball, is played against Bryn Mawr.
1916 A Goucher chapter of the College Equal Suffrage League forms.
1921 President Guth purchases 421 acres in Towson for a new campus.
1929 Hans Froelicher becomes acting president.
1930 Dorothy Stimson becomes acting president.
1930 David A. Robertson is inaugurated as the fifth president.
1938 Goucher celebrates its 50th Anniversary and holds national architectural competition to design new campus.
1940 Ground is broken for the first building on the Towson campus.
1942 Mary Fisher Hall opens as first building and first residence hall on the Towson campus.
1942 Selected Goucher students serve as “code-breakers” for the U.S. Navy.
1943 Liberty ship S.S. John F. Goucher is launched.
1945 The Victory ship Goucher Victory is launched.
1948 Otto F. Kraushaar is inaugurated as the sixth president.
1953 The college enrolls its first graduate students in master’s in education program (which runs until 1975, before beginning again).
1954 The college completes move from the Baltimore to Towson campus.
1958 Landscape architects Sasaki, Walker and Associates present plan for the new campus.
1960 The college celebrates its 75th anniversary.
1961 Goucher students are arrested and acquitted for an anti-segregation sit-in. 
1967 Marvin B. Perry is inaugurated as the seventh president.
1968 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated. The Black Students Association is created.
1969 Students and faculty protest the Vietnam War in Washington, DC.
1974 Rhoda M. Dorsey is inaugurated as the eighth president.
1978 Off-campus experience becomes degree requirement.
1985 Goucher celebrates its 100th Anniversary.
1986 Trustees vote to admit men to the undergraduate program.
1987 Goucher joins the NCAA Division III athletics association.
1988 An exchange program begins with Odessa State University in the USSR.
1991 The first coeducational class graduates.
1994 Judy Jolley Mohraz becomes the ninth president.
2000 Robert S. Welch becomes acting president.
2001 Sanford J. Ungar becomes the 10th president.
2006 Study abroad is now a requirement for graduation.
2007 The first Jewell Robinson Dinner brings together members and friends of Goucher’s African American community in the spirit of celebration and reflection.
2012 Goucher Poll, which measures the opinions of Maryland residents and voters on policy, social, and economic issues, begins (and is renamed Goucher College Poll in 2019).
2012 Goucher Prison Education Partnership begins.
2014 Jose A. Bowen becomes the 11th president.
2018 The Hallowed Ground project begins.
2019 Kent Devereaux becomes the 12th president.
2019 The Goucher College deed is changed, striking racist language.
2020 A suffrage marker, honoring the women of Goucher who participated in the movement, is installed on campus.
2022 Sasaki, the same firm hired in 1956, presents Goucher College’s new campus master plan.