Buildings of the Goucher Campuses

Stone & Spirit

Buildings of the Woman's College of Baltimore and Goucher College

Goucher College’s architectural legacy is linked through stone buildings that are part of both the historic downtown campus, begun for the Woman’s College of Baltimore at St. Paul and 23rd Streets, and the sylvan landscape of the current 287-acre campus in Towson. The stonework - granite, brick, and native Butler stone - reflects not only a particular architectural style for each campus but also symbolizes the strength and continuity of Goucher’s educational mission for more than 130 years.

The buildings of the original campus - those built or purchased for college use - were sold between 1941 and 1953 to provide funds for construction of new buildings in Towson. During these transition years, the college community commuted between the two locations. In 1954, the “minimal campus” needed to sustain college operations was completed, and the college was again consolidated in one place.

In 1978, the Old Goucher College Historic District was entered on the National Register of Historic Places, and eighteen buildings from the original campus were listed. The Towson campus was added to the National Register in 2007.

Original Campus

Goucher Hall 1888
Bennett Hall and Annex 1889 and 1895
Alfheim Hall 1890
Vanaheim Hall 1891
Goucher House (Gouchers’ Residence) 1892
Catherine Hooper Hall 1893
Glitner Hall 1893
Fensal Hall 1894
Vingolf Hall 1895
President’s House 1910
Folksgang Hall 1916
Mardal 1916
Alumnae Lodge 1917
Gimle Hall 1917
Sessrymner Hall 1917
Midgard Hall 1919
Trudheim Hall 1919
Dunnock House 1923
Ford House 1923
Foster House 1924
Hunner House 1928

Towson Campus

Mary Fisher Hall 1942
Pearlstone Student Center 1983 (Renovations 1997)
Heubeck Hall 1947 and 1957-58
Renovations 2000
Van Meter Hall 1947-1949
Addition/Renovations 1997
Welsh Laboratory/Hoffberger Science Building 1947-1953
East Wing 1965
Kelley Lecture Hall 1967
Moment Wing 1981
Froelicher Hall 1950
The Barn 1951 (Burned 1961)
Plant Lab/Greenhouse 1951
Psychology Annex (now home to MD Horse Breeders Assn) 1967
Julia Rogers Library 1952
Robertson Wing 1967
Renovations 1986
Lilian Welsh Gymnasium 1954
Stables 1956, 1977, 1983
Von Borries Pool 1967
Todd Dance Studio 1985
Indoor Riding Arena 1993
Alumnae and Alumni House 1956
Addition/Renovations 2000
President’s House 1957
Facilities Management Services Building 1957
Stimson Hall 1962-66
Health Center 1962 (Demolished 2000)
College Center/Dorsey Center 1962
Guth Memorial Gateway 1963
Haebler Memorial Chapel 1963
Meyerhoff Arts Center 1991
Decker Sports and Recreation Center 1991
Gatehouse Plaza 1997
Sondheim House 2001
Katharine and Jane Welsh Hall 2005
Athenaeum 2009
Julia Rogers renovations 2013
Pagliaro Selz Hall 2016
Froelicher Hall (moved to new location) 2017
Trustees & Fireside Halls 2017-2018
Mary Fishing Dining renovations 2018
Evelyn Dyke Schroedl ’62 Tennis Center 2019