Coping With Stress

Many people smoke as a way of coping with stress.  If you are thinking about quitting smoking but are worried about what you will do to cope with stress as a non-smoker, consider the following resources

Australian Government: Staying on Track and Coping Strategies

You Feel Like S***: A Self-Care Web Game 

  • An interactive step-by-step plan on how to cope with feeling anxious or sad
  • A series of questions that will enable you to implement self-care strategies

100 Coping Strategies

University of Washington: Coping Skills

Insight Timer

  • A free app if you are interested in beginning meditation
  • Includes many different guided meditations and ambient sounds to support unguided or self meditation
  • Provides groups for discussion and support
  • Available on iPhone and Android

Resources compiled by students in PSY 338: Health Psychology.