Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Resources


Alcohol, Tobacco, Cannabis and Other Drugs

Heroin and Opioid Addiction

Maryland State Law

Although cannabis is now legal for those over the age of 21 in the state of Maryland, cannabis remains illegal federally so is not permitted on Goucher’s campus. This FAQ from the state has more information about the law in Maryland.


Maryland Collaborative

Goucher is a member of the Maryland Collaborative, a group of 18 schools in the state of Maryland whose aim is to reduce the harm associated with drinking and substance use among college students.


Want to take a break from using cannabis, but don’t know how to start? A cannabis tolerance break can be hard but could help you save money and keep balance. The University of Vermont’s T-Break Guide can help support you on a tolerance break.

Goucher Student Counseling Center

Goucher’s Student Counseling Center has resources to help identify problematic substance use, as well as tools to help you reduce your substance use and support your mental and emotional health. To make an appointment, call 410-337-6481 or visit Goucher Student Counseling Center website for more information.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration


Maryland Addiction Recovery Center

Located in Towson, this center offers a number of treatment types and recovery support services.

National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers

This national resource gives information about addiction, overviews about the different types of treatment and what to look for in a provider, and allows you to search by location for treatment.