Smoke-Free FAQs

Why go smoke- and tobacco-free?


Goucher College joins more than 2,000 colleges and universities that have adopted a full smoke- and tobacco-free policy. Former policies were largely unenforceable and ineffective. In the past several years, we have increasingly heard stories of about the impact of smoking on our campus from community members, including suffering asthma attacks or other consequences from secondhand smoke. Students often share stories of how difficult it is to stop smoking at Goucher, or of how they only started smoking once they joined our college community.

Goucher College is committed to providing a safe and healthful environment to our community members. Research findings clearly show that tobacco use and secondhand smoke constitute significant public health hazards, and we feel that this decision will provide us with the opportunity to improve the overall wellness of our community.

For whom does this policy apply?

Everyone - All Goucher community members, their guests, visitors, and any other person who enters campus.

Does this policy include all tobacco products and forms of smoking?

Yes. All tobacco products (any substance containing tobacco leaf), electronic smoking devices, hookahs, and any other lighted or heated product intended for inhalation, are prohibited.

Why are electronic smoking devices (ESDs) included?

All electronic smoking devices, including those that don’t contain tobacco or nicotine, are currently unregulated products with an incomplete body of research related to their potential harms. These devices emit an aerosol that may contain nicotine and/or other toxins that may be harmful to others. For that reason, most smoke-free environments prohibit ESD use.

How was this policy introduced?

From July 14, 2017 until July 15, 2018, smoking of any kind was permitted only within ten-feet of seven designated zones. These designated smoking areas will be removed as of July 16, 2018, and smoking will be prohibited throughout the Goucher College campus.

What about the rights of individuals who choose to smoke or use tobacco?

The college is not requiring that anyone quit smoking or using tobacco. We are however asking that those individuals support this initiative and not engage in those activities while on campus.

Will there be cessation programs available for students, faculty and staff?

Yes. College and community resources will be compiled and updated on the Smoke-Free Initiative website under Resources and Links.

The Smoke-Free Initiative working group, as well as students in PSY 338 (Health Psychology), have identified programs and resources for community members who are interested in quitting. The group will also continue to update this webpage with updated information and resources.

Will people be able to smoke or use tobacco in their own vehicles while on campus?


How will this policy be enforced?

The Offices of Campus Safety and Residential life are responsible for general enforcement of this policy. Violators will be cited and sanctioned consistent with the guidelines presented in the full Alcohol Tobacco Cannabis and Other Drugs Policy (PDF).

Individuals observing noncompliance with the policy may contact the Office of Campus Safety with a location and name(s) or description(s) of the individual(s) involved. Violators may only be cited if Campus Safety Officers or Residential Life staff observe violations first-hand. However, Campus Safety or the Office of the Vice President and Dean of Students may informally contact alleged-violators (who were not cited) to remind them about the current policy.

Do you have a question that we did not address in this FAQ? We would like to hear from you. Please send your questions to Director of Student Wellness Jean Perez at