Pearl Simon Award

Have you ever been inspired to enhance your life, expand your horizons, and learn more about yourself through a perspective-changing project or activity?

The Pearl Simon Award has been established to provide the means for undergraduate students to foster their own personal and emotional growth.  We know that relationships, resilience, and reflection are key to students' success in college and in life; this award is designed to make the development of these three R's possible.  When you finish the experience, a written reflection will complete the process. You can be awarded these funds for an opportunity, interaction, or exposure to people, a program, or culture beyond your current life experience.  Projects must be at least one month (or January term) in length.  Please complete the application, which can be found below to be considered for the Pearl Simon Award.  In 2016-17, the Pearl Simon Fund will award up to $1600. You will need to submit:

  • an application (PDF)
  • a statement describing your proposed project/activity (at least one month in length, or January term)
  • a budget indicating the anticipated expenses

The Pearl Simon Award was established to fund activities and experiences that promote students' emotional and psycho-social growth and development through experiences that may not meet the criteria for other funding sources. Only individual experiences will be considered for funding; no group requests will be considered. All experiences must be one month in length (or January term) and must be completed before the end of summer 2017 or prior to graduation for seniors. All application materials are due by Monday, November 14, 2016, to Chaplain Cynthia Terry (; you can contact her at 410-337-6048 or via email with any questions.