What Can You Do?

Goucher College cannot strive to be environmentally sustainable without the participation of its students, staff, and faculty.

In every facet of campus life—in residence halls, laundry rooms, classrooms, labs, studios, dining halls, stores, and at work—Goucher community members have a chance to make daily decisions supporting environmental initiatives.

Over the past few years, students have pushed Goucher toward sustainability by developing programs and projects to monitor and enhance the college's recycling and composting programs. When not eating in the dining halls, campus members have access to CSA programs and nearby farmers markets. A Zipcar program is also available for transportation.  

Everyone is encouraged to educate themselves about environmental issues and activism by attending environmental events on and off campus. As a part of the liberal arts curriculum that deepens insight into and broadens student' perspectives on the world, each student must fulfill an environmental sustainability learning requirement. There are various classes to fulfill the environmental sustainability requirement, and students are urged to get involved and learn more with volunteer opportunities and internships.

At Goucher, we know every action counts—no matter how big or small—and we encourage you to contact us with suggestions.