Internships for Academic Credit

** Summer 2024 Internship Learning Agreements (ILAs) are now OPEN! Please see the steps below for registering a Summer academic internship and completing the ILA form.**

**Fall 2024 ILAs will open in Mid-May - more information soon!**

**Please note: Registration is NOT complete until your ILA has been finalized, approved, and submitted to the Registrar.**

All majors at Goucher offer students the opportunity to complete an internship experience for credit towards their degree. To earn academic credit for an internship, students must identify an internship that relates to their major and/or career goals and enroll in an internship course. Information regarding how to enroll in an academic internship course can be found below. For specific course requirements by major, consult the Course Catalogue

Contact with any questions. 

Course Credit & Hour Requirements

  • All majors offer internships for academic credit.
  • Academic internships are required for BUS (major and minor), DIG, MDS and PSC majors.
  • Internship courses are offered for 0-4 credits, depending on the major.
  • Each credit will require 45 hours of work at the internship site (except for 0-credits):
    • 0 credit = 30 hours
    • 1 credit = 45 hours
    • 2 credits = 90 hours
    • 3 credits = 135 hours
    • 4 credits = 180 hours
  • Internships for academic credit can be completed in any semester.

Steps to Register for an internship course

 ILA Graphic

 There is a four-step process to register an internship for academic credit:

  1. Pre-register for the desired internship course.
    • You will identify the internship course for your major and “pre-register” for this course during your registration window.
    • The course will be listed as 0 credits and with no instructor.
    • Confirm eligibility to receive credit by meeting with your Academic Advisor.
  2. Secure an internship and identify your Site Supervisor.
    • Secure an internship that will align with your academic and career goals.
    • Discuss responsibilities, expectations, and supervision plans with an internship Site Supervisor.
    • If you are still looking for an internship, check out these resources.  
    • Identify a Faculty Internship Sponsor.
      • The Faculty Internship Sponsor is the instructor for your course. 
      • Your FIS can be your Academic Advisor or any full-time faculty member in the department where you desire to receive credit.
      •  Discuss the academic work required.
      • Confirm that the internship qualifies for credit based on departmental standards.
  3. Complete your Internship Learning Agreement on Handshake.

Special Instructions:

  • Zero-credit internship courses: Students can register for an internship course for zero-credits, which will be recorded on the academic transcript. Zero-credit internship courses do not accrue credit and do not satisfy any major/minor or study abroad requirements, hence they do not require a Faculty Internship Sponsor.
  • International Internships: Meet with the Office of Global Education, if pursuing an independent international internship that is not affiliated with a study abroad program or requesting a study abroad substitution.

Deadlines & important dates

Spring 2024:

  • March 15, 2024 - Final Deadline to submit an ILA for Spring internships.
  • May 9, 2024 - Work due to Faculty Internship Sponsor for Spring internships.

Summer 2024:

  • April 15 - 19, 2024 - Registration period for Summer and Fall internships.
  • July 8, 2024* - Summer deadline to add an internship for academic credit.
  • July 31, 2024 - Work due to Faculty Internship Sponsor for Summer internships

Fall 2024:

  • April 15 - 19, 2024- Registration period for Summer and Fall internships.
  • September 9, 2024* – Fall deadline to add an internship for academic credit.
  • December 6, 2024 - Work due to Faculty Internship Sponsor for Fall internships

*Please note: Any ILAs that are not fully approved and submitted to the Registrar by these dates each semester will need to submit a Petition to add a course after the deadline. If you decide not to pursue credit for your internship, you can drop the internship course by following the drop guidelines for full semester courses as per the Academic Calendar.

In exceptional circumstances, students may be able to request academic credit for an internship completed in a previous semester. If you would like to learn more about this process, please email for more information

For more information, consult the Academic Calendar & Important Dates section of the Registar website.

Forms to register for an internship course

Forms to submit at the end of the Internship

Is there a fee to register for an internship course?

Fall & Spring:

  • Internship courses during Fall and Spring semesters do not incur fees when included as part of an 18-hour course load.
  • If an internship course will exceed the 18-hour max, students will need to:

Winter (J-term) & Summer:

  • Internship courses during Winter & Summer semesters are subject to a per-credit fee.

For more information, consult the Tuition & Fees section of the Billing website.