International Internships


Goucher provides several options to students who are interested in pursuing international internships - experiences which take place outside of the United States. Both the Offices of Global Education and Career Education are involved in the process of working with students pursuing international internships. Office of Global Education helps students understand the logistics and process of working abroad and the CEO works with students to understand the process of receiving academic credit.

  • For students pursuing an independent international internship for academic credit, an Internship Learning Agreement must be completed one month before the end of classes the semester prior to the semester in which the internship will be completed. For more information, review the Registering for An Internship Course page and follow the instructions to submit the Internship Learning Agreement (ILA).

  • As part of the Internship Learning Agreement application process, the Office of Global Education will be contacted to approve the internship location. Sites without approval will not be considered for credit. Students are strongly encouraged to have an in person meeting before submitting the Internship Learning Agreement.

  • Students pursuing an internship as part of their Goucher study abroad program or a non-Goucher study abroad program do not need to complete an Internship Learning Agreement.

Please contact Office of Global Education at 410-337-6455 or visit the Office of Global Education for more information.

Independent International Internship Resources

Below are a number of resources to help you locate international internship opportunities. When deciding on positions we advise you to be mindful of the personal information you provide and to look into all policies and any potential fees that may be involved. If you have questions about any internship you locate please bring the information to the Career Education Office for review.                            

Volunteer and Internship opportunities in Romania, Uruguay, Thailand, India, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, China and others.

Arava Institute
Semester or year-long internships in the Middle East that center around environmental studies, research and volunteering.

CEA Study Abroad  
One-of-a-kind opportunities for students to experience holistic learning in destinations all over the world. Internships integrate academically rigorous courses with field-based programming, offered at affordable prices with on-site support from start to finish.     

Gain professional experience in one the world's most dynamic economies and exciting cities. CRCC Asia facilitates international internships for students in all areas of study, with affordable pricing and comprehensive participant support, including visas, housing, transportation, and business and cultural events. English is the only language required. Program locations include China, England, Japan,  South Korea, and Vietnam.  

The German Marshall Fund of the United States
The German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) is a non-partisan American public policy and grantmaking institution dedicated to promoting greater cooperation and understanding between the United States and Europe.

Global Experiences
Internships available in Ireland, Italy, Australia, Spain, France, the UK and others; this site also has information regarding employment and volunteer work abroad as well as virtual internships.

The Institute for Field Education (IFE)
IFE has a strong partnership with the Goucher French program and runs semester-long study abroad programs in France, Belgium, and Spain. The foundation of IFE’s work are the Field Study and Internship programs which are built around field research conducted on-site in a full-time internship.  French language proficiency is required. For more information, see the Goucher Office of Global Education or The Institute for Field Education (IFE).

Internships Down Under
Internships Down Under specializes in arranging customized quality internships (virtual options) and graduation projects abroad in Australia and New Zealand.

OneShared World
A global initiative that aims to establish humanity’s collective voice as a third pillar of our global organizational structure.

SEED Madagascar
Aims to eradicate poverty, suffering, and environmental damage in Madagascar.

Volunteers for Peace
An international voluntary service exchange that operates over 3000 projects in 100 nations worldwide. Location, length and nature of project vary depending on the volunteer's interests.

Volunteering Solutions
Internship and volunteer options in Cambodia, Ghana, India, Nepal, Peru, Tanzania, Thailand and South Africa.

World Endeavors
Offers internship, study abroad, volunteer, and customized group programs in 23 countries around the world.