Report a Threat or Concern

Report a Threat
If a member of the Goucher community (student, staff, or faculty), or a visitor to the campus, behaves in a way that is concerning, disruptive, worrisome, or poses a potential threat to the safety and well-being of the campus community or any member of it, such behaviors should be reported.

Silent Witness Form
If you notice suspicious, inappropriate, or criminal activity, you can report it here anonymously. For immediate response or to report an emergency situation, please call Campus Safety at 410-337-6111.

Report an Illness
Please submit this form to report any illness that you are currently experiencing.

Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form
Use this form to file a formal report of sexual misconduct online.

Bias Incident Reporting Form
Use this form to file a formal report of a bias incident online.

Notice of Hazard (non-emergency)
Use this form to report health and safety risks that you observe. If the situation creates an immediate health or safety risk to the community, please call Campus Safety at 410-337-6112.

Fix It Form/Maintenance Request
If you are experiencing problems with heating, air-conditioning, electrical, plumbing, housekeeping, insect/pest concern, or other maintenance issues, report it here to have it fixed.