Maryland Scholars Program Students

1. Track the status of your financial aid documents online. Offers of financial aid are mailed within two weeks after the office of admission for students whose financial aid applications are complete. Designation as a Maryland Scholar is contingent upon submission of required financial documents, as well as verification of FAFSA data to confirm financial eligibility.

2. Track the status of the Howard P. Rawlings Guaranteed Access Grant and documents needed for verification by the Maryland Higher Education Commission. Information regarding the status of the grant can be obtained from the MHEC website. Any additional documents required for further consideration for the Rawlings Guaranteed Access Grant must be submitted no later than April 1, 2018 to the Office of Student Financial Aid Assistance, MHEC.

3. Register to attend the Maryland Scholars Info Day, Saturday, April 7. Maryland Scholar candidates will meet with members of the Goucher community as they learn what a Goucher education is truly about – hands-on learning, accessible faculty and a warm and welcoming community.

4. Schedule an opportunity to visit the campus, check out the Gopher Day page to RSVP to the invitation enclosed in your acceptance packet or schedule your own personal visit to campus.

5. Stay informed, check in often for the latest news and information.