Transfer Course Approval Process

Current Students Taking a Transfer Course during Winter or Summer Term

Students who wish to obtain credit for work taken at another institution during the summer or winter must have their course elections approved by their advisor and the Office of the Registrar, acting on behalf of the Provost.

 If the course requested is from a department other than that of the advisor, and the course is not similar in context to a listed Goucher course, the approval of the department is required.

Only 15 credits hours of summer or January intersession work are applicable to the degree.

Only credits with grades of C or better will be accepted.  For courses taken as of summer 2010 and after, credits with grades of C- or better will be accepted.

Forms should be turned in by the deadline on Important Dates for Students. This is normally in November for January courses, and in April for summer courses.

Forms turned in after the deadline may not be approved prior to the time you must enroll in the course. If this occurs, you will not know prior to registering, if the course will be accepted for transfer to Goucher.


  1. Print or pick up a transfer course approval form (PDF) from the Office of the Registrar.
  2. Fill out your personal information at the top.
  3. Fill out the course information for the course you plan to take.
  4. If you want the course to be approved to fulfill a general or liberal education requirement, mark this box under "Student Requests".
  5. If you want the course to be approved to fulfill a major or minor requirement, mark this box under "Student Requests" and get the signature of the chair of the department.
  6. Get your advisor's signature on the form.
  7. Sign and turn in the form in the Office of the Registrar.
  8. You will be notified with the transfer status of the course through your Goucher email.
  9. After completing the course, request that an official transcript be sent to Goucher College.
  10. When the official transcript is received at Goucher, it will be matched with your transfer course approval form, and entered on your Goucher transcript.