Dos and Don'ts

Goucher College FERPA Guidelines


  • DO review a copy of the Goucher College FERPA policy before responding to a request for education records.
  • DO treat information on the computer screen with the same confidentiality as paper copies.
  • DO check directory restrictions before you release any directory information about a student.
  • DO obtain written permission from the student before sharing non-directory educational record information, such as grades and grade point averages, with parents (unless the parent has provided evidence of the dependent status of the student) or others outside the institution.
  • DO refer all subpoenas or IRS summons or other legal process requests for education records to the Office of General Counsel.


  • DO NOT share education records information with your colleagues unless a legitimate educational interest exists.
  • DO NOT put purely personal notes in the student's file, as they will become accessible to the student.
  • DO NOT request information from the custodian of an education record, or access the student's file by computer, unless you have a legitimate educational interest and are authorized under the Goucher College FERPA policy to access the information.
  • DO NOT display student grades, scores, or papers publicly in association with names, social security numbers or personal identifiers.
  • When in doubt DO NOT release information.