Travel Portal FAQ

Q: Who can use the travel portal?
A: Anyone can use the portal, but college employees will find it most useful when planning their next business trip.

Q: Will Goucher College have access to my personal information if I book through the portal?
A: No. Itinerary information is only collected from college employees when they use their college-issued credit card. If you book travel on your personal credit card, no personal information will be collected or stored.

Q: Will I be able to use this service for personal travel?
A: Yes. If you use the portal for personal travel, you can book on your own credit card.

Q: What if I have a favorite personal travel agent I use? Can I go through him or her to book my travel?
A: Yes. You can direct the agent to any of the links offered by the site without losing any of the special benefits they provide.

Q: I am a Goucher College employee, and I found a better deal outside of the travel portal. Can I still book it with my college-issued credit card?
A: Yes. You are encouraged to find the lowest fare possible when booking your business travel, whether you find it through the portal or not.

For More Information

The portal is there as a research tool and may not always provide the best deals. If you have any questions about the Goucher College Travel Portal, please contact Alex Antkowiak at 410-337-6134.