Office of the President

Goucher provides great learning opportunities in a great environment, and the college has a history of being a transformative place. Now, under the bold leadership of President José Antonio Bowen, the college is embarking on a path to rethink its unique version of a liberal arts education for the 21st century.

Students, circumstances, and the value of a college education are all changing. Future graduates will need to be even more prepared for a life of continued learning. To ensure they have this preparation, Dr. Bowen has integrated into Goucher's curriculum the 3Rs: relationships, resilience, and reflection, which are crucial to students' learning and success in both college and beyond.  

In developing this new paradigm for higher education, Dr. Bowen has drawn upon recent research that indicates the best predictors of academic success, student learning, and even life happiness are personal connections, grit, and self-awareness. He believes the greatest value of a college education is the face-to-face interactions between faculty and students that help instill and grow the 3Rs.  

In his book Teaching Naked, Dr. Bowen states that while technology has fundamentally changed our relationship to knowledge, we need to redesign courses and classrooms to make them active learning environments where students have a reason to attend. His pedagogy explains that technology is most powerfully used outside of the classroom as a way to increase student preparation and engagement between classes and create more time for the in-class dialogue that makes the campus experience worth the extra money it will always cost to deliver.  

By using online quizzes and games and rethinking assignments and course design, we can create more class time for the activities and interactions that spark critical thinking and change students' mental models. Dr. Bowen's aim is to connect recent research to practical questions with the larger administrative challenges. Teaching Naked provides a strategy for using new technologies to keep courses, curriculum and campuses focused on more analysis of content and more contextualized learning.  

Dr. Bowen has written extensively on higher education and is a highly sought-after speaker on education, technology, integrated learning experience, diversity, higher education access and equity, and the liberal arts. 

See his blog at or follow him on Twitter@josebowen, or watch his Teaching Naked TED talk.