Rebecca Bell '13

Communication and Media Studies Major
Post-Production Assistant, “Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta”
NorthSouth Productions
New York, NY

Rebecca Bell '13An Alumnae/i Q&A

I came to Goucher as an exchange student from England and fell in love, so much so that I ended up graduating from Goucher. I was part of the tennis team and wrote for The Quincdecim. Post-graduation, I moved to New York City and managed to get an internship at a TV production company called NorthSouth Productions. They then hired me as the post-production assistant for "Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta."

Describe one experience, course, or person from your time at Goucher that influenced your career path.

I needed to do an internship, and it all needed to be sorted out very quickly. My only option was to do an internship over the winter, and the Career Education Office was a tremendous help in giving me advice on my résumé and helping me hunt for an internship. I was lucky enough to intern at Cosmopolitan magazine in New York City and loved every minute of being in the city, as well as being on that career path. I knew I wanted to do something in the media.

What advice would you offer others who are interested in your line of work or industry?

First, I would say, “Good choice!” It’s such fun, and it’s an industry that is always changing and growing with different trends. I would also say to keep your head up. It can get tedious job-hunting in any industry, and it is really competitive. So I would say, put yourself out there, email people, reach out. There’s no harm! In my experience, it’s kind of been “who you know,” so if you are inspired by someone, reach out to them. Be social (even when you don’t feel like it). I got my internship at NorthSouth by going to a party I wasn’t really up for, and look what I got out of it!

If you could go back to college, what would you do the same?

I would definitely join the tennis team again. That was such a great decision, and it taught me so much about being a part of a team. I made some truly great friends who I will have forever. My experience was perfect.

What accomplishment are you most proud of and why?

I’m glad I came to the U.S.! Coming—and eventually staying—was a little daunting when I was at home thinking about it, but I’m glad I put myself in those situations. Goucher and the U.S. allowed me to experience things I would never have had the opportunity to do!

What do you know now that you wish you knew as a student?

That a lot of people don’t know what they’re doing! I always felt like everyone else had everything together, and I was a panicked wreck. But so is everyone else, no matter how good they are at hiding it.

How has your Goucher education prepared you professionally?

I think my education at Goucher has prepared me well for a career. To be honest, it’s more about the personal preparations for me. I gained confidence at Goucher. I learned to speak up in class. I joined the tennis team. I had the most wonderful friends, and I was interacting with teachers and peers who really taught me a lot about myself. Now I think I am a much more confident and self-assured person going into a work environment.

How has your Goucher connection helped you after graduation?

I continued to get a lot of advice from the Career Education Office post-graduation. They gave me recommendations on how to approach situations where I was applying and how to reach out to prospective employers. I truly appreciate all their help when I was bombarding them with emails.

How has your experience at Goucher changed the way you look at the world?

There is a lot more out there than you think. Broaden your horizons and do different things! You never know what you’re going to do or who you’re going to meet! I came to the U.S. and had the best last two years of college; I had some amazing experiences and met some of my best friends.

What is your favorite Goucher memory?

Goodness, so many memories! Having the varsity tennis team get to the finals was one of the most memorable experiences. But then you have other, more simple memories like just being in a dorm room with friends, hanging out and laughing. I had a lot of laughs at Goucher.