Rebecca Bell '13

Communication and Media Studies Major
Post-Production Assistant, “Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta”
NorthSouth Productions
New York, NY

Rebecca Bell '13An Alumnae/i Q&A

I came to Goucher as an exchange student from England and fell in love, so much so that I ended up graduating from Goucher. I was part of the tennis team and wrote for The Quincdecim. Post-graduation, I moved to New York City and managed to get an internship at a TV production company called NorthSouth Productions. They then hired me as the post-production assistant for "Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta."

Today, Bell works in television production in London, cutting casting tapes, producing interviews, generating ideas, and providing logistical support on-location shoots. She cites her time at Goucher as an integral part of her success.

"I think my education at Goucher has prepared me well for a career," Bell says. "To be honest, it's more about the personal preparations for me. I gained confidence at Goucher. I learned to speak up in class. I joined the tennis team. I had the most wonderful friends, and I was interacting with teachers and peers who really taught me a lot about myself."

Her first experience with media came from an internship she received after working with Goucher's Career Education Office on her résumé and search. That winter, she worked at Cosmopolitan magazine in New York City, a decision that set her on her current career path.

"I continued to get a lot of advice from the Career Education Office post-graduation," Bell says. "They gave me recommendations on how to approach situations where I was applying and how to reach out to prospective employers. I truly appreciate all their help when I was bombarding them with emails."