How can I obtain permission?

If you need to obtain permission to use a copyrighted work, contact the Library for assistance. Allow at least six weeks prior to the beginning of the term to obtain the necessary permissions. The cost of obtaining permission will be charged to your department.

Alternatively, if you wish to obtain permission to use a copyrighted work on your own, you can find an extensive listing of various organizations that can be consulted to obtain permission to use a variety of works at the Copyright Alliance website. The site will refer you to both domestic and foreign collective rights organizations (which provide permission for images, authors, music, and movies) as well as sources that can assist in locating copyright owners directly. You should ensure that the individual giving you permission is in fact authorized to do so and should obtain written evidence of the scope of the permission.

View a sample permission letter.

If the owner of the copyright cannot be located or is not responsive, you should not use the work, unless it meets the Fair Use test or the Safe Harbor guidelines.