June 26, 2020

Red Hot Blue a capella reunion and song release

40 alumnae/i from Goucher's Red Hot Blue ("RHB") contemporary a capella music ensemble, spanning more than 25 graduation years and across multiple nations, have reunited to release a wildly inventive song supporting Goucher's current Black students and their alma mater during a time of national unrest due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a reawakening to racial inequity in America.

Click on the video below to hear your fellow alumnae/i singing a medley melding songs across generations.

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RHB alumnae/i are supporting and encouraging giving through this project to be equally distributed to the Greater Goucher Fund and Umoja, the Black Student Union. To make a contribution and to honor the work of Red Hot Blue, go to www.goucher.edu/giveRHB.

Special thanks to the project's initiator, Nenelwa Tomi '11, with co-organizers Evan Marx '10, Arreon Harley-Emerson '10, and Jay Gilman '09, Goucher's current Alumnae/i Association President.

Singers: Nicole Tomassini '95 (RHB founder), Michelle Harmon Bruno '00, Millie Rhodes '00, Ali Fanelli-Rhodes '01, Carlie Dua ‘02, Robert Bautista ‘02, Alessandra Manfre '04, Azusa Tanaka ‘04, Katrina Mulvaney Obarski ‘04, Liz Philips ‘04, Hanna Satterlee ‘06, Katie Beltz ‘06, Kelly Roth '06, Rachel (Saltz) Grob ‘06, Ashleigh Haddad '07, Sarah Doccolo '08, Harlan Glasser '08, Jay Gilman ‘09, Julian Rees '09, Adriana Saldana '10, Arreon A. Harley-Emerson '10, Caye Slaymaker '10, Evan Marx ‘10, Georgia Akehurst '10, Katie Billingsley '10, Michael Polonchak '10, Victoria Hammond ‘10, Dr Samantha Fried '11, Serena Shapero '11, Nenelwa Tomi ‘11, David Bridgeman '13, Evan Hendricks ‘13, Sam Haas '13, Shannon Finnell '14, Dr Rachel Mann '14, Sally Ratrie '15, Therese Ronco ‘15, Genevieve Fuller ‘16, Zach Reese ‘16, Niav O’Connor ‘18, Elysia Hempel '19, Madeline Martin ‘19, T. Christopher Elliott ‘19

Music Arrangement and Direction: Michelle Harmon Bruno '00, Ashleigh Haddad ‘07, Julian Rees '09 (also engineering), Arreon A. Harley-Emerson '10, Michael Polonchak '10, Caye Slaymaker ‘10, David Bridgeman '13 (also engineering), Sam Haas ‘13, Evan Hendricks ‘13, Kamryn Polastre Scott ‘15, Zach Reese ‘16, T. Christopher Elliott ‘19 

Mixing and Mastering:  Julian Rees '09

Organizing: Evan Marx '11, Nenelwa Tomi '11, Arreon A. Harley-Emerson '10, Jay Gilman '09, Nicole Tomassini '95, Alessandra Manfre '04, Serena Shapero ‘11, Sally Ratrie ‘15

Videography: Pete DiLorenzo, Jay Gilman ‘09