April 28, 2022

Goucher nationally recognized as leading college for social mobility

Two reports rank Goucher's return on investment (ROI) for low-income students as one of the highest in the nation.

Two new reports from Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce and Third Way place Goucher College in the top 10% of non-profit institutions nationwide, ranking the college’s return on investment (ROI) for low-income students as one of the highest in the nation for private, non-profit colleges. The Georgetown study placed Goucher in the top 4% of all public and private colleges nationwide, while the Third Way study ranked Goucher in the top 7% of all non-profit colleges. 

In the recent Georgetown study, Goucher College shined with an average 40-year ROI for low-income students who graduated from Goucher totaling $1,438,000. That’s far higher than the average ROI of $863,000 for all private, non-profit colleges and universities and even higher than the average ROI of $951,000 for all public higher education institutions.

The Georgetown study quantified the financial ROI for 4,500 private and public colleges and universities nationwide with a specific focus on social mobility, highlighting Goucher’s success in providing a strong foundation for students’ social mobility. The college has been previously recognized as a top performer on social mobility by U.S. News & World Report.

“Goucher offers an excellent, rigorous education that provides tremendous value for our students, and especially for students from low-income backgrounds” said Goucher College President Kent Devereaux. “We are proud to be recognized for the work we do in supporting our students’ success in college and providing robust economic opportunities for our students after graduation.”

Goucher’s distinctive undergraduate experience offers each student an innovative core curriculum focused on solving complex problems. At Goucher a global education is also paramount with 100% of undergraduate students studying abroad at no additional charge. Additionally, Goucher students participate in four years of career-relevant experiences as part of the Internship Accelerator program.

Approximately one third of Goucher undergraduate students are Pell Grant recipients, 70% of whom graduate within 6 years and at roughly the same rate as the general student population.

To further support this population of Pell Grant eligible and first generation students, last year Goucher created the LAUNCH Scholars Network”, an integrated, four-year program designed to foster an inclusive and supportive environment that also prepares students for life after college.

“We support all our students, including low-and moderate-income students,” says Devereaux “because we know the value an interdisciplinary, experiential education can provide.”