April 18, 2019

Julia Rogers Research Prize Winners 2019

The essays were submitted and the judges voted. Congratulations to the Julia Rogers Research Prize winners for 2019!

The winners of the 2019 Julia Rogers Research Prize are:


First-Year/Sophomore Winner

 Wynn Aung Myint '21 for "Myanmar's Rohingya Crisis: De/constructing Postcolonial Discourses"

Junior/Senior Co-Winners

Kathryn Vajda '19 for "What about the Children?: The Effects of Mass Incarceration on Family and the Importance of Nurturing the Parent-Child Relationship in Alternative Forms of Justice"

Isadora Stern '19 for "Re-enfranchising the Disenfranchised: Increasing Political Participation among the Previously Incarcerated through Parochial Social Controls"

Graduate Winner

Catherine Arias '20 for "From Exploration to Equity: A Museum's Journey Toward Decolonization"

Margaret Guccione Prize

Emma Batman '20 for "Judson Memorial Church- Belonging, Ambiguity & Legacy"

The awards will be given at Symposium on Friday, May 10  at 12:40pm in the Hyman Forum of the Athenaeum. In keeping with tradition, cake will be served. To learn more about the Julia Rogers Research Prize please visit the Library's website.