April 18, 2014

2014 Julia Rogers Research Prize Winners

Congratulations to the 2014 Julia Rogers Research Prize Winners!  The winners were selected as examples of outstanding student scholarship and writing.  The winners will be celebrated at the Student Symposium on Friday, April 25th at 4 pm in the Batza Room of the Athenaeum.  We invite the Goucher community to attend.

The winners are:

First-Year/Sophomore: Ashley Begley for "Their Eyes Were Watching God" and the Revolution of Black Women

Junior/Senior: Ellen Bast for Externalities from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

Graduate: Jennifer Sparenberg for WOOK-TV Television Production Facility: Property History and Evaluation

Margaret Guccione Prize: Aaron Bornstein for An Incomplete Truth: The Role of Crisis and Politics in Early Twentieth Century Mathematics

For information about submitting a paper for next year's competition visit the Julia Rogers Research Prize webpage.