Learning Goals & Outcomes

Minor in Studio Art

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of aesthetic traditions and conventions, including contemporary criticism, in assessing the merit and value of artwork;
  2. Students will have the capacity to think critically about works of art made by themselves and others and will have the capacity to ask questions about art in complex ways;
  3. Students will have the ability to articulate concepts and present arguments about their work orally (in critiques), in visual presentations and in writing;
  4. Students will demonstrate technical and conceptual skills concentrating in two areas of deep aesthetic interest and linking their work to other areas of academic interest;
  5. Students will learn the skills to conduct independent and self-directed artistic research with an eye towards continued development after graduation;
  6. Students will examine the link between politics and art study the visual arts in light of social, political, religious, racial, economic, and aesthetic issues;
  7. Students will demonstrate skills in personal discipline (studio habits, ability to focus, ability to work independently) through the presentation of a senior exhibition;
  8. Students will acquire practical knowledge about contemporary art through meeting and working directly with artists from multiple disciplines, with curators and gallerists and by exposure to exhibitions of contemporary art on the east coast

Updated: February 2018

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