Learning Goals & Outcomes

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Anthropology

  1. Student understands how and why social categories such as gender, class, race, ethnicity, religious background, able-bodiedness, and sexual orientation are organized and affect individuals and groups using key disciplinary perspectives.

  2. Student applies major disciplinary theories and concepts in writing to analyze cultural texts and a range of real-life experiences and pressing social issues.

  3. Student designs, undertakes, and analyzes social research informed by disciplinary methods and communicates the results of that research using writing skills appropriate to the disciplines.

  4. Student applies knowledge acquired during the course by designing or conducting sociological or anthropological research or by completing a critical literature review.

  5. Student synthesizes and develops knowledge and skills acquired during the course of the major by completing an original research project in an area of expertise.

Updated: October 1, 2021

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