Contemporary Dance Study Abroad Experience in Brazil

Dance is one of my means of expression and communication. Because I feel very strongly about the body and mind connection, I am studying both dance and psychology with a concentration in dance therapy. For my goal of becoming a dance therapist, I don't think there is a better way to understand how individuals all over the world connect to movement than traveling and experiencing it firsthand.

Having the opportunity to go to Brazil allowed me to experience dance and its importance in a different culture. American culture has become so complex and stressful that people feel out of touch with their body and mind connection. However, in Brazil, dance and movement are incorporated into everyday life.

A three-week course in Brazil allowed me to learn how the locals view and use dance in their lives. Faced with a language barrier, I learned how dance could be used as a form of communication and healing—a major concept in dance therapy. Exploring contemporary Brazilian dance expanded my knowledge of movement as communication.

By Alisa Provdo ’08