Learning Goals & Outcomes

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

  1. Factual Content: Students will demonstrate a knowledge of the key philosophical issues and philosophical positions on those issues in the history of philosophy from the Pre-Socratics to Post-Modern Thought as gleaned from the careful close reading of the primary and secondary texts in the history of philosophy in terms of their fundamental questions.

  2. Hermeneutic Perspective:   Students will understand those philosophical issues and perspectives in both their historical context and the way those contexts interact with each other in terms of present day historical situation, and how that historical movements motivates the questions of philosophers in different ways and contexts.

  3. Argumentation:   Students will develop the ability to analyze and synthesize the context and perspectives so as to put forward a cogent and rigorous argument based on evidence, both textual and scholarly, for the student’s position, contribution, and/or research.  In other words, argument cogently for a thesis.

Updated: February 2018

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