Orchestra Audition Requirements

The Goucher College Orchestra is the student orchestra of Goucher College. Membership is open to Goucher students by audition at the beginning of each semester (late August and late January). The following requirements are listed below.

Simple Scales

Major scales up to four flats and/or sharps played at different speeds and dynamic levels in a range appropriate for your instrument and ability. Minor scales up to two sharps and flats may be asked of those seeking leadership positions. Memorization is not required; scale books will be available.

Prepared Piece

Play something you have recently studied or performed that represents your best playing. Appropriate material includes a page of a concerto movement or solo, an etude, ensemble music, etc. Auditions are usually short (less than ten minutes), so you will not be asked to play an entire piece.

Intonation Test

You will be asked to match an identified pitch (no guessing involved) that is deliberately played out of tune. You will need to bend the note you play sharp or flat to match the out of tune pitch.

Sight Reading

Everyone's favorite part of the audition. Music will be provided.