Learning Goals & Outcomes

Bachelor of Arts in Equine Studies

  1. Discuss, with knowledge and relevance, the anatomy of the horse and their systems including reproduction.
  2. Discuss basic concepts of equine learning, behavior and training techniques
  3. Understand gait analysis and lameness including the related musculoskeletal and neurologic systems, limb and foot anatomy, shoeing options and their impact.
  4. Outline a basic equine health program including dentistry and ferriery.
  5. Discuss basic areas of equine health including nutrition, reproduction, lameness, infectious disease, respiratory and gastrointestinal disease.
  6. Demonstrate practical equine skills including safely handling a horse, collecting and evaluating vital signs and bandaging and wrapping skills.
  7. Prepare a basic business plan.
  8. Discuss related equine careers and professions.

Updated: February 2018

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