Program Goals

Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry

  1. Demonstrate command of facts, theories, and concepts of chemistry, and  use this knowledge to solve problems.
  2. Function effectively in a laboratory setting, including the ability to: (a) carry out an experiment correctly with a minimal amount of help from the instructor, (b) work safely with chemicals, and (c) use computers and instrumentation effectively.
  3. Learn independently: Integrate and synthesize conceptual knowledge within courses, between courses, and across disciplines.
  4. Communicate effectively orally and in writing.
  5. Students achieve proficiency in chemical information literacy.  Students use web-based resources and databases to gather information.  Students discern the value of sources and discriminate fact from opinion.  Students will also be able to incorporate information from library sources into new experiments of their own design. 
  6. Work as a team member
  7. Appreciate science in a larger context, including: (a) the impact and responsibilities of science as it relates to society and (b) the concepts of environmental sustainability. 
  8. Post-Graduate Preparation: Students will be prepared to compete for and succeed in graduate school or scientifically-oriented careers.

Updated: February 2018

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