Learning Goals & Outcomes

Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences

1. Quantitative skills

  • Use of mathematics to support lab skills
  • Develop elementary knowledge of descriptive statistics and statistical tests
  • Appropriately present quantitative data
  • (Goucher College Outcomes: Analyze, Contribute)

 2. Critical thinking skills

  • Comprehend disciplinary content
  • Synthesize information
  • Analyze data and make appropriate conclusions
  • Apply analytical skills to formulate a working hypothesis
  • (Goucher College Outcomes: Analyze, Contribute)

 3. Communication skills

  • Ability to organize scientific information in a logical fashion
  • Ability to write research and review papers in the form of professional journal articles
  • Ability to orally present experimental work
  • (Goucher College Outcomes: Analyze, Contribute)

4. Laboratory/Field skills

  • Develop observational skills
  • Develop skills in bench and field techniques appropriate to modern biological work
  • Design and execute new experiments to test a working hypothesis
  • Develop computer literacy skills through statistical software, literature searches, and bioinformatics
  • (Goucher College Outcomes: Analyze, Contribute)

5. Preparing students for graduate/professional studies and future careers

  • Offer a timely and appropriate curriculum in the biological sciences
  • Provide guidance and support for students pursuing these fields
  • Develop collaborative skills as part of a team with people of different backgrounds
  • (Goucher College Outcomes: Connect, Respect)

Updated: February 2018

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