Study Abroad Program Costs

Goucher Credit & Cost Policy

Since Goucher students are fully enrolled at Goucher and receive Goucher credit while abroad, they pay regular Goucher tuition for any Goucher semester abroad program. This payment is regardless of the cost advertised and is charged by the program itself. Students pay the non-academic costs (i.e. room and board) in  full to Goucher as well. Estimated additional costs that a student may incur in attending these programs are listed on the attached Expense Worksheet for each program. Please see the "budget sheets" contained in the program details pages.

Goucher-Sponsored Programs

Semester Programs

If you participate in a Goucher semester, you will be billed directly by Goucher College’s bursar and will pay Goucher College tuition, room and board as you normally would.  A useful resource is the Student Budget Sheets (available at, which exists for each Goucher semester or academic year program  and lists estimates for additional costs, such as airfare, books, living expenses, and food (if applicable).

Intensive Courses Abroad

If you participate in a Goucher College Intensive Course Abroad (ICA), you will pay Goucher College the total program fee, which varies from program to program.  Final payment for ICA programs is always due no later than September 25 for January programs and February 25 for May or summer programs. 

A $100 application fee is due no later than the application deadline and a $500 non-refundable deposit is due shortly after the application deadline.  These dates change every semester. 

Non-Goucher Programs

If you participate in a winter, summer, semester, or academic year non-Goucher program, you will pay fees directly to the organization or university sponsoring the program. Short term applicants will pay a $100 application fee to the Office of Global Education.

For questions about program costs or more information, contact the Office of Global Education.

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