Goucher Commons Requirements - Data Analytics - Foundation: Program Goals


Program Goals (Updated: February 2018)

1. Obtain and analyze data

  • Collect original data or retrieve from a vetted source. Acknowledge possible shortcomings and biases.
  • Structure the data into a useful, meaningful format, and convert relevant information into various forms (e.g., models, visualizations, summaries) in order to extract meaning.

2. Draw and critique conclusions from data analysis

  • Make judgments and draw appropriate conclusions and interpretations based on the quantitative and/or qualitative analysis of data.
  • Analyze assumptions and explore the possibility of alternative conclusions and explanations.

3. Communicate information from data analysis

  • Using language accessible to a general audience, discuss the collection and analysis of the data, as well as interpretations of the conclusions drawn. (For example, tell the story of your data. How was it gathered? Who gathered it? What purpose does it serve?)