Student Leaders for Civic Action

What is a Student Leader for Civic Action?

Student Leaders for Civic Action (SLCA) Directors serve as a resource and leader to volunteers and community participants in Goucher College's many off-campus and on-campus Community-Based Learning Programs.  We seek SLCA Directors who are passionate about community action and social justice. SLCA Directors should have a high level of expertise in their particular site, or have significant experience that applies to that site or service location. We also seek SLCA Directors who are organized, can communicate effectively, and have some experience managing or supervising peers. 

SLCA Directors will serve in the following programs:

  • Animal Welfare (BHS)
  • Earl's Place
  • Environmental/Sustainability Initiatives
  • Futuro Latino Learning Center Children's Center
  • Goucher Scholars (Volunteer and Federal Work Study) at Pleasant Plains Elementary School
  • Middle School Mentoring with Barclay Elementary Middle School
  • Read-a-Story/Write-a-Story (Volunteer and Federal Work Study) at Barclay Elementary Middle School
  • TALMAR Gardens & Horticultural Therapy Center
  • Tubman House

SLCA Program Goals:

  1. Ground students in standards of practice that are responsible, ethical, and sustainable
  2. Develop a cohort of student leaders, that can problem-solve together
  3. Provide structured resources, that allow students to develop their own individualized trainings and curricula, with strong institutional values and goals
  4. Strengthen peer-to-peer facilitation skills
  5. Deepen connections to Baltimore and individualized Community-Based Learning (CBL) sites
  6. Create a team culture that allows for autonomy in managing CBL sites, while creating an organizational structure that promotes best practice risk management
  7. Develop tools for reflection and having conversations around power, privilege, and race   

What are the expectations of being a Community Service Student Director?

This is a highly competitive and distinguished leadership opportunity. This is a paid position that will be considered an on-campus job. We do not recommend that students apply in their first year, but exceptional candidates should feel welcome to apply. Students already serving in the following leadership positions may be automatically considered ineligible due to overlapping training/meeting schedules: Residential Assistants, Goucher Guides, and some fall/spring athletes.  There may also be some conflicts with Ambassadors and Peer Listeners. If you are planning on working more than one job, you must disclose this information during the interview.

Student Directors are responsible for the following:

  • Recruitment and weekly management of student volunteers for Community Service Program Site, including providing clear and timely communication to student volunteers, fellow SLCA Directors, Community Service Program Site personnel, and the Associate Director of Community Service and Community-Based Learning
  • Logistical support for your Community Service Program Site (managing transportation, maintaining accurate attendance sheets, etc.)
  • Serve as a liaison between your Community Service Program Site personnel and the Associate Director of Community Service and Community-Based Learning
  • Coordinate daily responsibilities with fellow Student Directors, student volunteers, and Community Service Program Site personnel, including providing a standing regular meeting for student volunteers for sharing experiences, processing successes/challenges, and managing ongoing issues that are impacting the success of your program. 

Community Service Student Directors are expected to:

  • Keep accurate records and follow-up between student volunteers and Community Service Program Site personnel, and maintain confidentiality in regards to our Community Service Program Site participants
  • Maintain daily attendance and provide proper reporting to France-Merrick Director
  • Communicate regularly and consistently with student volunteers, Community Service Program Site personnel, and the France-Merrick Director
  • Attend ALL meetings, training sessions, and fairs/promotional programs
  • Model the Goucher Community Principles in your actions at all times and abide by the Goucher College Code of Conduct while off-campus 
  • Maintain a GPA above a 2.5
  • Submit information for a criminal background check to be conducted confidentially by