Featured exhibits and artists at the Lenrow Gallery have included:  

Spring 2014

Local Artists from Gallagher Services, Kaleidoscope

Local Artists from Earl's Place, Unmasked and Reborn: Portraits of Lives in Transition

Fall 2013

Vonnie Crist, Enchanted

Spring 2013

Hal Stebbing, From My Mind
Claudia Bernhardt, Creature Features

Peace Studies Student Project,
(Seble Dawit, contact)

Spring 2012

Windows and Mirrors: Reflections on the War in Afghanistan (Ann Duncan, contact)

En mi propia voz alta (In My Own Loud Voice): The Latino Immigrant Voice
(SuZanne Salladin '12, Senior Project)

Fall 2011

Denny Lynch, Remembering 9/11

Ellene 'Brit' Christiansen , The Artistry and Advocacy of Ellene 'Brit' Christiansen

Spring 2011

Dan Keplinger, King of the Arts

Denny Lynch, Celebrating Ireland

Domestic Violence Class Student Project,
(Janet Shope, contact)