Faculty Mentorship


Mentoring with ACCESS to PUIs

CTFP fellows are assigned a faculty mentor who fits their desired content area. The faculty mentors are expected to:

  • Hold an introductory meeting with mentee to establish goals
  • Hold regular bi-weekly meetings with their mentees
  • Allow their mentor to assist in lessons/co-teach or teach solo lessons throughout the semester
  • Expose mentee to life at a PUI
  • Assist mentees in formal observation

Suggested Co-Teaching Timeline

*Suggested co-teaching timeline will vary based on teaching fellow goals:

Weeks 1–3

Mentee observes mentor instructional style. Discussions during check-in meetings might include:

  • Pacing
  • Questioning
  • Creating long-term projects
  • Group work
  • Grading styles
  • Future planning

Weeks 4–6

Mentee begins assisting with lessons while the mentor remains the primary instructor. This may look like the mentee facilitating part of the class, or the mentee starting and concluding the lesson. Discussions during check-in meetings might include:

  • Presentation style
  • Office Hours
  • Grading
  • Rubrics
  • LMS
  • Instructional Technology
  • Attendance policies
  • Late Work
  • Academic Integrity

Weeks 7–9

Mentee begins teaching entire class sessions. This should be discussed and planned, during regular meetings. This may or may not include partial grading of course work or co-grading of coursework.

Weeks 10–15

Mentee teaches multiple classes in a row. Regular meetings should include planning discussions as well as allowing time for reflection. The formal observation by CAST will likely take place sometime in these last few weeks of the course.