Center for Natural Sciences Faculty


Jenny Lenkowski

Assistant Director

Kevin Schultz

Major & Minor Program Contacts

Biology (Major and Minor): Jenny Lenkowski

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Mark Hiller

Chemistry (Major and Minor): Kevin Schultz

Environmental Studies, Environmental Science Concentration: Germán Mora

Physics (Major and Minor): Rodney Yoder

Public Health minor: Jennifer Bess

3 + 2 Engineering Program: Sasha Dukan

Prehealth (Premed, Pre-Dental, Physical therapy, Pre-Vet, other allied health): Betsy Merideth and Marisa Sanders

Full-Time & Half-Time Faculty

Ruquia Ahmed-Schofield, Associate Professor of Chemistry: organic chemistry

Sasha Dukan, Professor of Physics: theoretical condensed matter physics

Jay Garaycochea, Assistant Professor of Biology: Neuroscience, Cell Physiology, Molecular Biology, Anatomy & Physiology

George Greco, Professor of Chemistry: organic, inorganic, and medicinal chemistry

Mark Hiller, Associate Professor of Biology: genetics and molecular biology

Anna Jozwick, Assistant Professor of Biology, microbiology and symbiosis

Jenny Lenkowski, Associate Professor of Biology: developmental biology and neurobiology

Judith Levine, Professor of Biology and Chemistry: biochemistry and molecular biology

Nina Markovic, Associate Professor of Physics: quantum transport

German Mora, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies: biogeochemistry, climate change, and water/soil quality

Akana Noto, Assistant Professor of Biology: Ecology and species interactions

Kevin Schultz, Associate Professor of Chemistry: organic chemistry

Scott Sibley, Professor of Chemistry: physical chemistry

Jaired Tate, Assistant Professor of Chemistry: Physical chemistry and spectroscopy

Natalie van Breukelen (Dr. VB), Assistant Professor of Biology: Integrative Biology, Field Biology, Behavioral Ecology & Neuroendocrinology

Rodney Yoder, Associate Professor of Physics: accelerator and beam physics

Professor Emeritus or Emerita or Emeriti

Ali Bakhshai, Professor of Physics: experimental condensed matter

Esther J. Gibbs, Professor of Chemistry, inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry

David E. Horn, Professor of Chemistry, organic chemistry

Barton L. Houseman, Professor of Chemistry, physical chemistry

Janet Shambaugh, Professor of Biology, developmental biology

Robert Slocum, Professor of Biology: plant physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology

Leleng To Isaacs, Professor of Biology, microbiology

Instructional Staff

Gizelle Simpson, Laboratory Instructor in Biology

Lisa Gulian, Lab Coordinator, Stockroom Manager