Center for Humanities Faculty


Antje Rauwerda, Associate Professor, English

Assistant Director

James Dator, Assistant Professor, History

Major & Minor Program Contacts

Visual and Material Culture: April Oettinger
English: Antje Rauwerda
History: James Dator
Philosophy: Steven DeCaroli
American Studies Major: Mary Marchand
Book Studies Minor: April Oettinger
Arts Administration (Concentration): TBD

Full-Time & Half-Time Faculty

John Corcoran, Visiting Assistant Professor of History: Early and Modern Europe, especially modern Russia; comparative welfare states; comparative empires; administration and bureaucracy

James Dator, Assistant Professor of History: Early-Modern Caribbean, Comparative Slavery & Slave Resistance, African Diaspora

Evan Dawley, Assistant Professor of History: History of East Asia, especially China, Taiwan, and Japan; colonialism; identity; ethnicity and nationalism; maritime territorial disputes

Steven DeCaroli, Associate Professor of Philosophy: Contemporary Philosophy, Modern Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Aesthetics

Matthew Rainbow Hale, Associate Professor of History: Early American History, Atlantic Revolutions, Print Culture

Gail Husch, Professor of Visual and Material Culture: 19th-Century European and American Painting and Sculpture, American Apocalyptic Imagery

Leslie Lewis, Professor of English

Mary Marchand, Professor of English: American Literature, American Studies

April Oettinger, Associate Professor of Visual and Material Culture: 15th- and 16th-century Venetian Art, Italian Renaissance Art and Literature, History of the Book

Marjorie Pryse, Professor of English in the Center for Humanities: Special topics courses in American literature and American Studies.

Antje Rauwerda, Associate Professor of English: Third Culture Literature (The Literature of Writers Raised Abroad); Postcolonial Literature, Contemporary International Writing in English, British Literature

Angelo Robinson, Associate Professor of English Emeritus: American and African American Literature

John Rose, Professor of Philosophy: Phenomenology, Gadamerian Hermeneutics, Nietzsche, Derridian Deconstruction, Existentialism, 18th and 19th century Continental Thought, Ancient Greek Philosophy, Late Classical Philosophy, Neoplatonism, Philosophy of Time, Philosophy of Theater, Metaphysics

Martin Shuster, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, 18-20th century European philosophy, philosophy of religion, ethics, aesthetics, social and political philosophy and theory, ordinary language philosophy, and critical theory

Tina Hirsch Sheller, Assistant Professor of Historic Preservation, Public History, and Material Culture

Michelle Tokarczyk, Professor of English: Working-Class Studies, Contemporary American Literature, Women’s Studies, Composition

Juliette Wells, Associate Professor of English: Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British literature; the novel; women's writing; Jane Austen

Professor Emeritus or Emerita or Emeriti

Jean Baker, Bennett-Hartwood Professor of History: U.S. History, 19th Century; Women’s History

Julie Roy Jeffrey, Professor of History: 19th-Century American Reform, especially Abolitionism, Religion, Gender

Jeffrey Myers, Associate Professor of English: Shakespeare and the Visual Arts in the Renaissance

Arnold Sanders, Associate Professor of English: Medieval literature, expository writing, literary theory, archives

Part-Time Faculty

Asad Naqvi

Affiliate Faculty

Uta Larkey, Martin Shuster