Center for Geographies of Justice Faculty

Faculty in the Geographies of Justice are trans-disciplinary scholars who, even as they remain engaged in their individual disciplines, pursue conversations and scholarship with other disciplines, oriented around justice and greater mutual understanding.


Martin Shuster 

Major & Minor Program Contacts

Africana Studies minor: James Dator
Peace Studies major and minor: Seble Dawit
Philosophy major and minor: Steven DeCaroli
Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies major and minor: Irline François 

Full-Time Faculty

Jennifer BessAssociate Professor of Peace Studies: early English literature; research and writing methods; American history; contemporary health and education disparities; Native American studies; Caribbean literature

Emily Billo, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies: resource access and distribution; identities and social movement formation; subjectivity and power relations; and the intersection of political ecology, theories of critical development, and feminist methods

Seble Dawit, Associate Professor and Director of Peace Studies Department: Human rights and humanitarian law, gender and rights, non-profit organizations, futuring

Steven DeCaroli, Associate Professor of Philosophy: Contemporary Philosophy, Modern Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Aesthetics

Ann Duncan, Associate Professor of Religion: American Religious History, Religion and Social Reform, Motherhood and American Christianity, Religion and Politics, New Religious Movements

Irline François, Associate Professor of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: Pan-Caribbean women writers; Afro-Latin, Afro-diasporic media and film studies; and diasporic/women of color feminisms

Ailish Hopper, Associate Professor, Peace Studies: Poetry writing and poetics, new narrative practices. Critical race theory, cultural rewriting. Liberation and critical pedagogy, futures and nonviolences

Tamsin Kimoto, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: women of color feminisms, queer and trans studies, health humanities, philosophy of race, and social and political philosophy

Martin Shuster, Associate Professor of Philosophy: Value theory (ethics, political philosophy, and aesthetics), Critical theory (race, gender, anti-colonial, Marxisms), European philosophy from the 17th century onwards, American philosophy (esp. Richard Rorty and Stanley Cavell), and Philosophy of Religion (esp. Jewish thought and philosophy)


Affiliate Faculty

James DatorLeslie Lewis, Angelo Robinson

Faculty Emeritus

Rick Pringle, Emeritus Professor of Psychology: Community Arts, Literature, Writing, Listening to and Telling Stories in Community, Agitating for Care and Social Justice, Growth Fostering Pedagogies and Communities; Feminist and Anti-Racist Psychology and Education, and The Psychology of Narrative and Meaning