Center for Geographies of Justice Faculty


Martin Shuster

Major & Minor Program Contacts

Africana Studies minor: James Dator
Peace Studies major and minor: Seble Dawit
Philosophy major and minor: Steven DeCaroli
Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies major and minor: Irline François

Full-Time Faculty

Jennifer BessAssistant Professor of Peace Studies: early English literature; research and writing methods; American history; contemporary health and education disparities; Native American studies; Caribbean literature

Emily Billo, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies: resource access and distribution; identities and social movement formation; subjectivity and power relations; and the intersection of political ecology, theories of critical development, and feminist methods

Seble Dawit, Associate Professor and Director of Peace Studies Department: Human rights and humanitarian law, gender and rights, non-profit organizations, futuring

Steven DeCaroli, Associate Professor of Philosophy: Contemporary Philosophy, Modern Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Aesthetics

Ann Duncan, Associate Professor of Religion: American Religious History, Religion and Social Reform, Motherhood and American Christianity, Religion and Politics, New Religious Movements

Irline François, Associate Professor of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: Pan-Caribbean women writers; Afro-Latin, Afro-diasporic media and film studies; and diasporic/women of color feminisms

Ailish Hopper, Associate Professor, Peace Studies: Poetry writing and poetics, new narrative practices. Critical race theory, cultural rewriting. Liberation and critical pedagogy, futures and nonviolences.

Rick Pringle, Emeritus Professor of Psychology: Community Arts, Literature, Writing, Listening to and Telling Stories in Community, Agitating for Care and Social Justice, Growth Fostering Pedagogies and Communities; Feminist and Anti-Racist Psychology and Education, and The Psychology of Narrative and Meaning

Martin Shuster, Associate Professor of Philosophy: 18-20th century European philosophy, ethics, aesthetics, political philosophy, critical theory, and philosophy of religion.  

Affiliate Faculty

James Dator, Nyasha Grayman-Simpson, Leslie Lewis, Angelo Robinson