Center for Dance, Music, & Theatre Faculty


Elisa Koehler

Major & Minor Program Contacts

Dance major and minor: Rick Southerland, Amanda Woodson
Music program: Kendall Kennison
Theatre minor: Rebecca Free
Arts Administration concentration: Michael Curry

Full-Time and Half-Time Faculty

Elizabeth Ahearn, Professor of Dance

Samuel Burt, Instructor of Music: Computer Music

Allison Campbell, Associate Professor of Theatre: Scene Design, Costume Design, Lighting Design, and Experimental Theatre

Jeffrey Chappell, Instructor of Music: Jazz

Michael Curry, Professor of Theatre: Directing, Particularly Classical Works (Shakespeare and Greeks); Modern British Drama; U.S. Drama of the 1960s Through 1980s; First-Person Historical Interpretation; Theatre in the Community; Commedia Dell'arte; Mime; Voiceover Work and Narration; Service Leaning

Alvin Eng, Assistant Professor of Theatre

Rebecca Free, Associate Professor of Theatre

Linda Garofalo, Instructor of Dance: Modern Dance Technique, Choreography, Community Outreach and Civic Engagement

Iyun Harrison, Assistant Professor of Dance

Kendall Kennison, Professor of Music: Theory and Composition

Elisa Koehler, Associate Professor of Music: Conducting, orchestration, trumpet history and literature, historic brass instruments, American cultural history, nineteenth-century wind bands, and music theory pedagogy using technology.

Fred Mauk, Professor of Music: Musicology

Daniel McDavitt, Assistant Professor of Music: Chorus

Katherine Morris, Lecturer in Dance

Iquail Shaheed, Assistant Professor of Dance

Rick Southerland, Associate Professor of Dance

Lisa Weiss, Professor of Music: Piano, Chamber Music

Amanda Woodson, Professor of Dance

Professor Emeritus or Emerita or Emeriti

Chrystelle Bond, Professor Emerita of Dance

Jean Wilhelm, Professor Emerita of Theatre

Part-Time Faculty

Jennifer Blades, Jihan von Hendricks, Mathew Lane, Stephanie Powell, Melissa Stafford, Paul Wegner, Jason Widney, Sara Workeneh

Affiliate Faculty

Alison Lohr, Linda Moxley, Karen Nedwell

Private Instructors

Karen Bakkegard, horn

Joan Bob, viola

McGregor Boyle, guitar

Phil Bonsiero, accordion

Wes Crawford, percussion

David Evans, mandolin

Brent Flinchbaugh, trumpet

Gretchen Gettes, cello

Gene Griswold, bassoon

Mary Hamlin-Spencer, organ

Heather Haughn, violin

Edna Huang, clarinet

Rhoda Jeng, piano

David LaVorgna, flute

John Locke, percussion

Nick Mazziott, trombone

Shelia Nevius, saxophone

Mary Poling, oboe

Jacqueline Pollauf, harp

Laura Ruas, bass

Gilbert Spencer, voice

Hsiu-Hui Wang, piano

Jarrod Williams, tuba and euphonium

Carol Wolfe-Ralph, piano

Steve Yankee, guitar

Instructional Staff

Jerome Herskovitz, Todd Mion, Lizzy Purcell, Kendra Shapanus, Mary Sykes