Policies dealing with Appropriate Internet Behavior

Members of the Goucher community increasingly use personal websites, online blogs, online journals, and online communities such as Facebook.com to communicate and network within and outside of the community. Users should remember that these sites are usually accessible to the public, so keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Be careful about how much and what kind of personally identifiable information you post to these sites. They are potentially accessible to the public. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want the world to know, including personal information that could lead to identity theft, harassment, stalking, or other safety concerns. Also, remember that Facebook and other sites provide privacy settings for posted information—use them to protect whatever private information you decide to post.

  • Be aware that your entries may be seen by unintended viewers. Faculty, administrators, potential current and future employers can often access information you place on these sites. Assume that any information you post may at some point be the basis for the impression others have of you.

  • Understand that even though these sites are hosted outside the Goucher College computing resources, violations of college policy on such sites may be subject to investigation and sanction under the Computer Use Policy, Nondiscrimination Policy, Student Code of Conduct, and other college policies.

The college does not tolerate online harassment. If you feel that you are the subject of online harassment or threatening behavior, please contact the administrators or other individuals named in the applicable college policy.